Treat Your Cold Sore By Using A Natural Solution- Tea Tree Oil

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tea tree oil"There are many people, who often experience the diseases, like cold sore, which is caused due to some virus. To cure this disorder, lots of medications have been introduced in the market; however, many of these products are not much effective in healing this disease. So, most of the patients nowadays look for natural treatments to get rid of the disease with no risk. The best natural extract, which is useful for treating the ailment, is tea tree oil. This oil is quite powerful to reduce the problems that you face due to cold sore.

Tea tree oil- Use it with other oils-

Best tea tree oil is derived from an Australian plant, which has lots of remedial properties. You have to blend the oil with some other beneficial oils, such as olive or coconut oil. This combination allows you to use the oil safely. You may find some products, which are made from butter, tea tree oil and some other substances. All the things work to create an ideal solution for your treatment. The blend, created with various elements, may reach your skin layers, and treat your sore as a medication. This helps in exfoliating or hydrating your lips, removing all those cells, which may have virus. In other words, the solution works against inflammation, bacteria and virus.

The tea tree oil along with other components may enable you to prevent dry or cracked lips. Never allow bacteria to stay on your lip ointments. Exfoliate your dull, lifeless skin as soon as possible.

Do not consume the oil

You need to be careful that your tea tree oil has not accessed your mouth. Cold sores become visible only on the outer part of lips and mouth. While you have mixed the oil with other stated oils, it is the best remedy to cure cold sore.


Take your oil blend, and use it on the affected area using a piece of cotton. However, you have to observe whether there are some sensations of itching or tingling. This oil may be applied regularly for proper treatment. While your skin seems to be much sensitive, you need to dilute the oil with water. You may find the same fragrance that you get from eucalyptus tree.

Can you use the oil in a pregnant condition-


While you are pregnant, you perhaps need to be much careful if you are using something for treating your skin. You want to be happy during your pregnancy; however, you may face some stress at this period. Due to the changes in hormone, the look of skin can also get changed, and sometimes, cold sores may appear at any time. So, for pregnant women also, tea tree oil seems to be highly recommendable, and this oil will not affect your baby.

So, get rid of cold sores with the use of cold sores. Stop your pain by means of this natural treatment. These cold sores may occur multiple times, and so, this tea tree oil can be best for you.